How to Become a Lego Affiliate in easy steps

Have you ever think about how to become a Lego affiliate and earn task by promoting Lego products? Lego has an excellent affiliate program that allows you to monetize your website or social media following by referring traffic to the Lego website.

We will also share some points on how to improve your Lego affiliate earnings. So let’s get started!

What is the Lego Affiliate Program?

The Lego affiliate program allows partner websites, bloggers, leaders, and auther to earn a commission for referring consumers to the Lego website. When one of your referrals makes a purchase on, you earn a percentage of that sale.

As a Lego affiliate, you get approach to whole Lego banners, links, and the latest product information to help drive successful reference.

Why Become a Lego Affiliate?

There are several compelling reasons to join the Lego affiliate program:

  • Global brand recognition: Lego is one of the most iconic toy brands in the world. Affiliating with such a universally recognized name lends tremendous credibility.
  • High conversion rates: Lego enjoys exceptional conversion rates, which means referred traffic is more likely to turn into sales. Higher conversions equal bigger commissions for you.
  • Attractive commissions: You can earn 4-10% commission on Lego sales. Their products scope from $15 to $800, so there is very large earning potential.
  • Recurring revenue: Lego enjoys repeat purchases as kids (and parents) are always looking for new sets. This provides you with a steady source of affiliate income.

 Now let’s look at how to join.

Apply for the Lego Affiliate Program

The first step is to head over to the Lego affiliate program page and submit an application to join.

  • Your name and contact details
  • Your website or social media details
  • How you plan to advance Lego products

Lego is selective about accepting affiliates, so it helps to explain your value arguments and traffic numbers.

You can expect to hear back regarding your application status within 2-3 weeks.

Set Up Your Lego Affiliate Account

After getting approved, Lego will email you login details for your affiliate account dashboard.

Your key tasks here are to:

  • Set up your payment account: Provide your payment details so Lego can pay your commissions. Payments are made on a net-60 basis via PayPal.
  • Get affiliate links: Generate your unique affiliate links that you’ll use to send traffic to These links allow Lego to path your referred sales.
  • Access creatives: Browse banners, text links, product images and more that you can use to promote Lego on your site or social platforms.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the account dashboard. It contains a means of information and resources to help maximize your Lego earnings.

Pick Your Lego Products to Promote

With thousands of Lego sets available, you’ll need to strategically choose which ones to focus your affiliate efforts on. Here are some tips for picking winning products:

  • New releases: Focus on new sets to capitalize on excitement and demand.
  • Evergreen bestsellers: Classic Lego lines like City, Duplo, Technic sell consistently.
  • Seasonal sets: Christmas, movie and other sets tied to events see temporary spikes.
  • Check the catalog: Identify top-selling sets across themes like Star Wars, Minecraft, Architecture etc.
  • All audiences: Promote a mix of kids and adult Lego sets to broaden appeal.

Take some time to research current sales trends and identify the Lego sets that are likely to convert best for your audience. This focus will maximize your affiliate commissions.

Get Linking to

Now for the fun part – start driving traffic to Lego using your affiliate links!

Here are some quick tips for effective affiliate linking:

  • Blog posts: Write detailed reviews and recommendations of Lego sets, incorporate affiliate links.
  • Product listings: Add affiliate links to Lego set descriptions on category and product pages.
  • Social media: Share affiliate links on all platforms along with creative images.
  • Influencers: Recruit influencers by offering commissions to promote Lego sets.
  • Email: Include affiliate links in promotional emails about new Lego releases.
  • Paid ads: Run PPC or social ads focused on high-converting Lego products.

The key is to ordered include affiliate links wherever it makes sense across all your platforms and channels. Make them easily visible without being overly promotional.

Promote Creatively with Lego Banners, Images and More

In addition to text links, take full advantage of the Lego affiliate creative assets.

  • Feature Lego banners prominently in sidebars, posts and pages.
  • Share Lego social posts on your own feeds to tap into their brand appeal.
  • Use Lego product images in blog posts, galleries and Pinterest boards.
  • Create how-to tutorials featuring Lego sets to provide value.
  • Publish Lego gift guides for birthdays, holidays and other occasions.
  • Give away Lego sets through contests and sweepstakes (disclosure required).
  • Make Lego the theme for email newsletters, like showcasing new releases.
  • Add a dynamic Lego banner to your email signature.

The goal is to seamlessly showcase Lego within your content without coming across as overly promotional. Provide value and entice clicks to the affiliate links.

Track Your Lego Affiliate Link Performance

Logging into your Lego affiliate dashboard allows you to track metrics like your clicks, impressions, referrals and commission earnings.

Monitoring key affiliate analytics like these will help you identify:

  • Your top converting links and creatives
  • Highest traction sources and campaigns
  • Winning products worth focusing more on

Use the data to gain insights and double down on tactics that move the revenue needle. Continuously refine your affiliate strategy to boost Lego commissions.

Tips to Increase Your Lego Affiliate Earnings

Here are some additional tips to help maximize your earnings as a Lego affiliate partner:

  • Promote new sets early: Be the first to review and share upcoming Lego releases.
  • Highlight deals & sales: Timely promotion of offers like free shipping or gifts can boost conversions.
  • Leverage holidays: Christmas, Halloween, birthdays are high sales periods for Lego sets.
  • segs Creators: Recruit micro-influencers in the toy space to monetize their audiences.
  • Optimize for keywords: Include Lego set names and popular keywords in your content for SEO.
  • Personalize emails: Use merge tags to segment and tailor your promo emails.
  • Reward referrals: Incentivize your own audience to share your affiliate links.

By being strategic with your promotions and optimizing based on performance data, you can build a rewarding affiliate business selling Lego products.

Ready to Start Earning Lego Commissions?

The program gives you an opportunity to earn generous commissions by tapping into the brand appeal of one of the most iconic toy manufacturers.

With the strategies above, you can integrate seamless Lego affiliate promotions across your website, social platforms, email and influencer channels.

The key is to use engaging content and creative assets to showcase relevant Lego products to your audience. Avoid being overly promotional by focusing on value.

By tracking your performance and testing different approaches, you can refine your affiliate strategy over time to maximize conversions.

So don’t wait – apply to the <internal-link link text “Lego affiliate program” linkurl=””> today and start building your Lego commission income!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join the Lego affiliate program?

To join the Lego affiliate program, you need an established website, social media account or influencer platform with a sizable audience. Lego looks for sites with high-quality content and significant traffic. You should highlight your value proposition and audience reach in the application.

How much commission can you earn with Lego affiliate?

The percentage you earn will depend on factors like your total sales volume. With Lego sets ranging from $15 to $800, there is significant earning potential. Top affiliates can earn thousands per month.

When do you get paid as a Lego affiliate?

Lego pays affiliate commissions on a net-60 basis, so you are paid 60 days after the end of the month in which sales were generated. For example – January sales will be paid out in April. Payments are sent via PayPal.

What type of content should you create as a Lego affiliate?

Aim for detailed, value-focused content like Lego reviews, building tips, set recommendations, gift guides and more. Lifestyle themes and storytelling also connect well.

Can you use Lego images as an affiliate?

Yes, as a Lego affiliate you get access to a library of product images, banners, and other creatives you can use to promote Lego sets on your site. You are allowed to use these affiliate resources provided you follow the program terms.

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