What does lkr mean on Tiktok? A Step-by-Step Guide

TikTok is right now one of the most popular social circle policy, especially among youth and juniors. You may have run into specific short form or terms like “lkr” that you are unknown with if you are new to TikTok.

Lkr is short for “like for like.” When someone wishes to trade likes on TikTok with another user, they use it. We’ll go over exactly what lkr on TikTok means, how to utilize it correctly, and some advice on how to naturally get more likes and followers in this in-depth lesson.

What Is Like for Like (lkr)?

The act of like other person TikTok video with the aim that they will like yours in come back is known as “like for like,” or simply “lkr.” It’s a easy interchange master plan that many TikTok creators worker.

How to work?

  • TikTok user A watches and likes user video.
  • User A comments “lkr” on the video to let user know they have liked their content and hope for a like back.
  • User sees the “lkr” comment, watches and likes user A’s video in return.
  • This exchange helps both users gain more visibility and engagement on TikTok.

Lkr comments are commonly seen on smaller TikTok accounts who are trying to grow their followers and get more eyes on their content. More established creators with millions of followers generally don’t need to use lkr.

Why Do People Comment “lkr” on TikTok?

There are a few reasons why people use the lkr method on TikTok:

Increase Likes

Every like on TikTok helps a video get boosted by the algorithm. More likes signal to TikTok that a video is popular and engaging. Using lkr is an easy way for smaller creators to get more eyes on their content.

Gain Followers

A possibility exists that if you like and interact with someone’s video, they may visit your profile and follow you back.

Lkr facilitates the organic growth of creators’ following.

Engagement Pods

Some users participate in engagement pods where a group of creators agrees to watch and like each other’s new videos. Commenting lkr helps identify members of the pod.

Rapid Growth

For those looking to go viral quickly, lkr can help accumulate likes rapidly on new videos. This signals to the algorithm the content is worth promoting.

How to Use Like for Like on TikTok

If you want to try the lkr strategy on TikTok, here are some tips:

Target Smaller Accounts in Your Niche

Look for accounts with engagement and followers similar to yours. Avoid spamming too many lkr comments on large accounts.

Watch Their Entire Video

Don’t just drop an lkr comment without actually watching. TikTok can detect fake engagement.

Comment Specifically

Say what you liked about the video when you leave your lkr comment. This comes across more authentic.

Request Likes Politely

Simply saying “lkr” or “like for like” is fine, but you can also say “I loved this! lkr?” to be extra nice.

Like Their Recent Videos

Go through and like 2-3 of their newest videos. This shows you genuinely engaged.

Check Back Later

Give them time to see your comment and like your videos in return.

Points to come back Real Followers and Likes on TikTok

Use Trending Sounds

Use popular sounds and songs people are engaging with. This helps your content be discovered.

Optimize Your Bio

Include relevant keywords people may search for. Have a strong call-to-action inviting people to follow you.

Post High-Quality Videos

Invest time in creating great content – lighting, editing, captions, etc. Good content market itself.

Analyze Performance

See which videos and formats are performing best and make more of that type of content.

Collaborate With Others

Duet and stitch popular creators in your niche. Cross-promote content.

Use Hashtags

Add a mix of approved and place hashtags so your content is discoverable.

Errors to Avoid

  • Spamming larger accounts with lkr comments
  • Asking for likes without actually watching someone’s video
  • Participating in fake engagement pods full of bot accounts
  • Neglecting to like the other user’s videos in return
  • Coming across as desperate or greedy rather than authentic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

there are following questions about the lkr trend on TikTok:

Is lkr allowed on TikTok?

Yes, lkr does not violate TikTok’s terms of service. It’s a common organic engagement tactic used by many creators. Just don’t use bots or fake accounts.

Is it safe to lkr with strangers?

It’s generally safe, but be selective. Only engage with accounts that seem credible. Avoid spam accounts.

How many lkr comments should you do a day?

There’s no fixed number, but aim for genuine engagement. Liking 10-20 similar sized accounts per day is reasonable. Don’t spam.

How long does it take to get lkr back?

Give it a few days. Some accounts receive lots of comments so yours may get lost. Politely following up is fine.

Is it better to lkr on popular videos or newer ones?

Try commenting on newer videos that haven’t received much engagement yet. Liking already viral videos likely won’t be noticed.

Can you get banned for using lkr too much?

You’re unlikely to get banned just for lkr comments, but excessive fake engagement could raise flags. Use it selectively.


A well-liked TikTok engagement strategy is “like for like, which is utilized to trade likes and increase one’s following. It can be a useful strategy for lesser accounts to draw attention to their material when done honestly. Nonetheless, more effective long-term tactics exist for TikTok growth sustainability, such as regularly releasing valuable, high-quality videos.

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