How to see deleted messages on tiktok?

On tiktok, messages can sometimes be sent or accept and then erased for unknown reasons. We’ll talk about how to sight deleted messages on TikTok in this article.

Why messages are deleted on tiktok?

There are following reasons why a message you sent or accept deleted on tiktok

  • The source marked to delete the message for some reason. They may have sent something weak matches and then deleted it.
  • The message pleased unfitting content that violated tiktok’s community guidelines. In such cases, TikTok itself may delete the message.

  • The message was in a conversation that you had with another user who later blocked you. Blocking leads to all previous messages in your chat being deleted.
  • There was a glitch that caused some messages to disappear without intent.

So in most cases, messages are deleted either by the sender themselves or by TikTok if it violated policies.

Check Device Notifications Log

If you have push notifications enabled for TikTok messages, your device may have stored notifications that contain the deleted messages.

On an iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > TikTok and you may be able to see previews of recent deleted messages.

On Android, check the notification log of your device for any clues. But notifications usually disappear after a while.

Use a Messaging History App

There are third-party apps that specialize in recording messaging history of various social media platforms including TikTok.

Apps like Notification History Log track all your device notifications and store them for reference. You can search through it to see if any deleted TikTok messages are saved there from before they were deleted.

However, this will only work if you had such an app installed already at the time the messages were originally sent and deleted. If installed later, it won’t show past messages.

How to Prevent Deleted Messages in Future

  • Turn on Push Notifications: Enable notifications for TikTok messages in your device settings. This will give you a preview if someone deletes their message later.
  • Take Screenshots: Occasionally take screenshots of important conversations on TikTok to have a record saved externally. But avoid taking screenshots of private or inappropriate content.
  • Use Another Messaging App: For very important conversations, consider moving to another messaging app like WhatsApp which gives more control over deleted messages.

  • Don’t Delete Your Own Messages: Avoid reflexively deleting your own sent messages which you may later regret. Pause and think before hitting delete.

What to Do If You See Deleted Messages

If you happen to come across deleted messages that were inappropriate, offensive, or malicious, here is what you can do:

  • Report the account to TikTok if it violates their policies so they can take action
  • Block the user to avoid further contact
  • Delete the conversation from your end as well
  • Don’t further spread or share any inappropriate deleted messages you saw

Seeing deleted messages can reveal things you weren’t intended to see. But avoid misusing such information. Respect others’ privacy.

Limitations of retrieving deleted tiktok messages

While the methods we discussed can help you find clues to deleted messages in some cases, there are certain limitations:

  • They only work if you had notifications enabled or third-party apps installed before messages were deleted
  • The deleted messages are not recoverable in full context, only fragments may be visible

  • There is no guarantee you will even see snippets of all deleted messages
  • Nothing will work if the messages were deleted long time ago and traces have been erased

So the methods are not reliable. The best approach is being proactive in saving important conversations as they happen by taking screenshots or using other chat apps for critical messages.


TikTok currently does not have an official way to see deleted messages that were removed from your conversations. However, with clever use of notification history and third-party apps, you might find traces of deleted messages.

To avoid regrets over deleted messages, be proactive in saving important conversations on TikTok. In sensitive matters, consider using more secure apps. Avoid inappropriate screenshots without consent.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why did my messages vanish after being blocked on TikTok?

When someone blocks you on TikTok, it deletes your entire messaging history with them. So all previous chats are erased and you can no longer see them.

Can you see deleted messages on TikTok online?

No, there is currently no way to see deleted TikTok messages online after they have been removed from the conversation. Deleted messages cannot be retrieved via web or desktop.

Do deleted TikTok messages delete for both parties?

Typically yes, when someone deletes a message, it gets deleted for both the sender and recipient. However, as we discussed, traces may remain in notifications or other apps. But it will not be visible within TikTok app.

Can TikTok bring back deleted messages?

No, at present TikTok does not have a feature to retrieve deleted messages. Once a message is deleted by a user, TikTok itself cannot bring it back or recover the content that was removed.

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