Why Can’t I Favorite Videos on TikTok Anymore?

The feature of being able to like videos on TikTok has been eliminated. Many devoted TikTok users have been angered by this shift since they rely on favorites to search and watch videos at a later time. Although TikTok has not made an official remark on the topic, the removal of favorites could be an attempt to simplify the user interface and promote more organic video discovery.

What Was the TikTok Favoriting Process?

In initial 2022, TikTok removed the quality that allowed users to most-liked videos. Users allowed to favorite videos since TikTok begin, but TikTok instantly stopped present this feature.

  • To simplify the user experience

TikTok probably thought favoriting was unnecessary since users can already follow creators and share videos. Removing the favoriting feature made the app’s interface cleaner.

  • To emphasize other features

With the rise of playlists and channels, TikTok wants to promote these new ways of organizing and sharing content.

  • To be more like other platforms

Facebook and Instagram don’t offer favoriting, so TikTok may have removed it to align more with competing platforms.

Why Would TikTok Remove Such a Popular Feature?

Favoriting was clearly a well-liked feature among TikTok users. So why would TikTok decide to get rid of it?

  • Save feature was underutilized

Compared to other actions like liking, commenting, and sharing, fewer users were favoriting videos.

  • Didn’t drive meaningful engagement

While users liked having favorites, it wasn’t necessarily translating into more time spent on TikTok.

  • Inconsistent with TikTok’s values

As TikTok has evolved, it seems to be focusing more on discovery. Favoriting old videos went against this ethos.

Are There Any Alternatives to Favoriting on TikTok?

While you can no longer favorite videos, there are a couple features that can serve a similar purpose:


Playlists allow you to save and organize videos into themed collections. You can use them like favorites.

Following creators

Following your favorite creators makes it easy to find their new videos. Their profiles are like customized favorites pages.

Sharing videos

You can bookmark videos by sending them to friends or posting on other platforms. This functions like favoriting them.

Screen recording

Screen record any videos you want to save forever. While not integrated into the app, it achieves the same result.

Will TikTok Ever Bring Back Favoriting?

There is always a chance TikTok could choose to reintroduce favoriting. Here are some reasons they might:

Users miss the feature

If enough people ask for favoriting back, TikTok may listen. It shows clear demand.

Helps retain users

Giving users what they want can improve retention and prevent switching to competitor apps.

Tips for Favorite-less TikTok

  • Use playlists to organize your favorite videos
  • Follow creators you love so you never miss content
  • Comment and engage with videos to show appreciation
  • Screen record truly special videos to store offline
  • Check out trending sounds and hashtags to discover more great videos

The heart icon may be gone but you can still find and share the content you love on TikTok. Favoriting’s removal just requires adapting your habits as a user. Focus more on playlists, following, and screen recording going forward.

FAQs About Favoriting on TikTok

Why did TikTok remove favoriting?

TikTok likely removed favoriting to declutter the interface, emphasize newer features like playlists, and align more with competitors like Instagram. Favoriting was underutilized compared to likes and shares.

What should I do instead of favoriting TikTok videos?

Use playlists to organize videos, follow your favorite creators, comment on videos you like, screen record special videos to save, and explore trending sounds and hashtags..

How can I give feedback to TikTok about removing favoriting?

You can provide feedback directly to TikTok about features like favoriting through their Feedback & Support channel in the app. Leaving App Store reviews is another way users can share feedback.

Will removing the favorite feature decrease TikTok engagement?

It’s possible engagement like time spent on TikTok could decrease initially after favoriting’s removal since users spent time curating favorites. But other features like playlists may offset this over time.

Why don’t other social networks have favoriting?

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram may not offer favoriting because they’re focused on community sharing rather than individuated curation. They want you engaging with others’ content rather than privately saving.

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