How to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

Getting backlinks from Wikipedia can be a great way to improve your website’s search engine rankings and authority. In this article, I will explain how to get backlinks from Wikipedia step-by-step.

Why Get Backlinks from Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is most famous and trusted websites on the internet. Here are some of the main benefits of getting Wikipedia backlinks:

  • High Domain Authority – Wikipedia has a domain authority of 99, making links from Wikipedia extremely powerful for SEO.
  • Global Audience – With over 15 billion monthly pageviews, a Wikipedia link can drive huge referral traffic.
  • Trust and Credibility – People perceive Wikipedia as a highly credible source, so links can improve your site’s trust.
  • 100% Free – There is no cost associated with getting links from Wikipedia.

Clearly, backlinks from Wikipedia can give your website a major boost. But how do you actually go about acquiring these coveted links? Let’s look at some effective strategies.

How to Get a Backlink from Your Own Wikipedia Page

One of the best ways to get a backlink from Wikipedia is to create your own Wikipedia page and link back to your website. Here are the steps:

Create a Wikipedia Account

This will allow you to make edits and additions to Wikipedia articles. Make sure to choose a username that does not reflect your business or brand.

Check Article Creation Guidelines

Wikipedia has strict guidelines for what constitutes a notable and encyclopedic article. Review these to ensure your topic qualifies.

Write the Article Draft

Write a draft of your Wikipedia article on the topic that needs one. Follow the proper article formatting and make sure to cite reputable external sources.

Link Back to Your Site

Once your draft is complete, add a relevant external link to your website in the “External Links” section at the bottom, linking to an authoritative page.

Publish the Article

Publish your new Wikipedia article and let it go through the proper review processes. With some luck it will be approved and added to Wikipedia along with your backlink.

How to Get Links from Existing Wikipedia Pages

If there is already a Wikipedia article related to your business, here are some tips for earning a backlink:

  • Add Value: Expand the article by adding new, properly cited information that is missing. Wikipedia editors are more likely to approve and retain useful contributions.
  • Fix Errors: Correct any factual errors, outdated information, or broken external links you find in the article. This improves Wikipedia and makes editors more receptive.
  • Cite Reliable Sources: Link to reputable external sources when adding new info. Wikipedia prefers established mainstream media publications and academic journals.
  • Suggest Your Link: Once you’ve made meaningful contributions to the article, suggest your company website as a relevant external link for editors to include, providing proper context.

Other Strategies to Get Links from Wikipedia

Here are a few additional creative ideas for getting Wikipedia backlinks:

  • Submit your site to appropriate Wikipedia external link directories like WikiProject Links.
  • Volunteer as an editor and develop a strong Wikipedia reputation to increase likelihood of link approval.
  • Sponsor a Wikipedia article or image if your business is highly relevant.
  • Fix and expand Wikipedia citations linking to your best content as a submission for Citation Hunt.
  • Add your site to Wikipedia’s page preview tool if it has high authority content on a topic.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When trying to get Wikipedia links, be sure to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Adding overt self-promotional content or external links that conflict with guidelines.
  • Manipulating articles solely to add links rather than improve Wikipedia.
  • Having multiple Wikipedia accounts or IPs to circumvent rules.
  • Getting banned by overly aggressively pitching your link suggestions.

The key is contributing quality content and sources that align with Wikipedia’s standards. Patience and playing by the rules wins out.


Gaining reputable backlinks from Wikipedia can greatly enhance your website’s search performance and credibility. By creating your own well-sourced Wikipedia page, or by contributing to existing articles, you can earn high-quality editorial links.

But be sure to genuinely add value, follow all guidelines, and avoid self-serving edits. With a thoughtful strategic approach, your website can benefit tremendously from Wikipedia backlinks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Links from Wikipedia

Getting quality backlinks from Wikipedia can give your SEO a boost, but how exactly does it work?

What is the Best Way to Get a Link from Wikipedia?

The best way is to create your own informative Wikipedia page that cites authoritative sources. Add an external link relevant to the content. You can also contribute useful information to existing pages and suggest your link.

Can I Just Add My Link to Any Wikipedia Page?

No, all external links must comply with Wikipedia’s strict guidelines and be relevant to the specific content. Links cannot be promotional and are carefully vetted.

Is There a Risk My Link Will Get Removed?

Yes, if your link does not follow policies or gets added sneakily, Wikipedia editors may promptly remove it. The key is earning links through valuable contributions.

How Many Wikipedia Links Should I Aim For?

Start with getting one strong link from a topically relevant Wikipedia page. Too many links across Wikipedia may seem manipulative and draw scrutiny. Quality over quantity.

Can I Get Links from Wikipedia Pages I Don’t Own?

Yes, you can contribute new content or sources to existing Wikipedia pages and request your link be added if relevant. But significance of your contributions helps justify inclusion.

Is Buying a Wikipedia Backlink Worthwhile?

No, never attempt to buy a Wikipedia link. It violates policies and hired editing is strictly prohibited. Focus only on earning links organically.

How Quickly Will I See Results from a Wikipedia Link?

After successfully getting a link, you should see search engine ranking improvements within a few months as metrics like domain authority are updated.

Can I Include Wikipedia Links on Multiple Sites I Own?

Each website should aim to get its own unique relevant Wikipedia link. Duplicate site links distributed across Wikipedia may appear manipulative.

Do Wikipedia Links NoFollow?

No. Links made to external sites from Wikipedia are dofollow links, passing full SEO equity and anchor text value.

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