How to Get Authorized Xiaomi Account

Getting an authorized Xiaomi account is important for unlocking the full potential of your Xiaomi device. An authorized account gives you access to MIUI updates, themes, cloud storage and other Xiaomi services. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get an authorized Xiaomi account:

Understand Xiaomi Accounts

Xiaomi devices use MIUI, which is a customized version of Android. To use MIUI services and get updates, you need a Xiaomi account. There are three types of Xiaomi accounts:

  • Unauthorized Account – Created without registering device IMEI. No access to MIUI services.
  • Authorized Account – Created by registering device IMEI. Gets full access to MIUI services.
  • Developer Account – For developers only. Lets you test beta updates.

For regular users, an authorized account is recommended to get the full Xiaomi experience.

Check if Your Account is Authorized

To check if your account is authorized, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Verify apps. If your account is authorized, you will see a message saying “This account has been authorized.”

If you don’t see this message, your account is unauthorized. You will need to authorize it using the device IMEI.

Find Your Device IMEI

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is used to authorize your Xiaomi account. To find your device IMEI:

Dial *#06#

The IMEI will appear on the screen. Note it down.


Go to Settings > About Phone

Scroll down and look for IMEI. Tap on it to view the IMEI.

Authorize Account Using IMEI

Now that you have the IMEI, you can authorize your account:

On the Device:

  1. Open Settings and go to Additional Settings.
  2. Tap on Authorize account.
  3. Enter your account details and IMEI when prompted.

On Website:

  1. Go to
  2. Login and go to Account Settings.
  3. Click on Authorize.
  4. Enter IMEI and verify.

Check Account Authorization Status

Once you authorize using the IMEI, go back and check the authorization status.

This confirms your account has been successfully authorized!

Benefits of Authorized Account

An authorized Xiaomi account unlocks the following features and services:

  • Get MIUI Updates: Authorized accounts get notified of new system updates faster.
  • Use Themes: Apply custom themes to customize your device UI.
  • Cloud Storage: Get up to 5GB of free cloud storage for backups.
  • Warranty Services: Eligible for warranty and after sales support.
  • Xiaomi Service Apps: Access Mi Credit, Mi Pay and other Xiaomi finance apps.
  • Exclusive Access: Authorized accounts get exclusive access to some features and services.

So make sure to authorize your account to enjoy the full Xiaomi experience!

Common Xiaomi Account Authorization Issues

While authorizing your account, you may face some issues like:

Incorrect IMEI

Double check the IMEI and enter it carefully while authorizing. Entering a wrong IMEI will fail authorization.

Activation Lock

Sometimes activation lock makes account authorization impossible. You may need to reset the device to remove activation lock.

Account Already Authorized

If your account is already authorized on another device, you cannot authorize it again. Create a new account instead.

Authorization Failed

Network errors or software bugs can also lead to failed authorization. Trying again usually resolves temporary glitches.

Authorize Xiaomi Account Using Third-Party Tools

Some third party tools like Xiaomi Tool V2 also allow account authorization. These tools are not official Xiaomi tools but can help authorize accounts easily.

However, third party tools have risks like bricking devices or violating Xiaomi terms. Use them at your own risk. The official authorization method is recommended for account security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs on Xiaomi account authorization:

How many devices can I authorize with one Xiaomi account?

You can authorize a Xiaomi account on up to 10 devices. Trying to authorize on more will fail.

Do I need to authorize my account again if I reset my device?

No, the authorization will persist even after a factory reset if you use the same Xiaomi account.

Can I authorize multiple accounts on one device?

No, only one Xiaomi account can be authorized on a single device at one time.

Is account authorization required for all Xiaomi devices?

Account authorization is required on all Xiaomi phones and tablets running MIUI. Other devices like Smart Home products don’t require it.

What happens if I flash a custom ROM on my Xiaomi device?

The authorization will not work on custom ROMs. You’ll need to authorize again if you switch back to MIUI.

Can I use a Xiaomi device safely without authorizing my account?

Yes, but you will miss out on updates, themes, cloud backup and other MIUI features. Authorization is recommended.


Authorizing your Xiaomi account is easy and gives you access to the full range of MIUI services. Just find your device IMEI, use it to authorize your account, and enjoy exclusive features! With an authorized account, you can unlock the full potential of your Xiaomi device.

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