How to check Jazz Cash Account Free Minutes

Jazz Cash is a popular mobile financial service in Pakistan that allows users to perform various transactions through their mobile phones. One of the key features of Jazz Cash is the free minutes that are offered to make calls using the Jazz network.

As a Jazz Cash user, you may be wondering how to check the available free minutes in your Jazz Cash account. In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide to easily check your free minutes balance.

Why Should You Check Your Jazz Cash Free Minutes?

Here are some key reasons why you should periodically check your available Jazz Cash free minutes:

  • Avoid unexpected charges – By checking your balance, you can avoid getting charged for calls when you run out of free minutes. This helps you effectively manage your Jazz Cash account.
  • Utilize free minutes – When you know your free minute balance, you can ensure to make full use of them before they expire or go to waste.
  • Plan calls and top-ups – Based on your free minute balance, you can plan your calling activity and top-ups accordingly to get optimal value.
  • Track usage – Regularly checking your balance helps you track your free minute usage so you know when to reduce or increase your calling activity.

So in summary, checking Jazz Cash free minutes enables you to take control of your account, avoid surprises, and maximize the value you get from this feature.

How to Check Jazz Cash Free Minutes Balance

Checking your Jazz Cash free minute balance is easy and can be done through multiple convenient methods. Here are the step-by-step guides to check balance using different options:

Dialing USSD Code

The quickest way to check Jazz Cash free minutes is to dial *786# from your Jazz number registered with your account.

Follow these steps:

  • Open the phone dialer on your Jazz mobile device.
  • Dial *786#
  • Hit the call button.
  • You will now see a menu appear with your account details, including available free minutes balance.
  • Note down or take a screenshot of the free minute balance for your reference.

Jazz Cash Mobile App

You can also easily check your free minutes on the Jazz Cash mobile app available for Android and iOS devices.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Download and open the Jazz Cash app on your device
  • Sign in using your Jazz Cash account credentials
  • From the main account page, scroll down and tap on ‘Free Minutes’
  • You will now see your available free minute balance
  • Take note or screenshot of this balance for future reference

Jazz Cash Website

If you have access to a computer with internet, you can also check free minutes on the Jazz Cash website:

  • Go to the Jazz Cash website and click on ‘Login’
  • Enter your Jazz Cash account username and password to login
  • Once logged in, click on ‘Free Minutes’ from the left menu
  • You will now see your free minute balance details
  • Note this down or take a print-out of the web page for your record

So in summary, dialing *786#, using the Jazz Cash app, or visiting the website allow you to easily check your available free minutes.

How to Use Jazz Cash Free Minutes?

Once you’ve checked your available free minutes, you can utilize them to make calls in the following way:

  • Make calls to any local mobile number – Your Jazz Cash free minutes can be used to call any local mobile number in Pakistanconnected to any network like Jazz, Telenor, Zong, Ufone etc.
  • Call Jazz numbers for free first – When making calls, your free minutes will be utilized first when calling Jazz numbers before being charged from your main account balance.
  • No charges on-net – Calls made to other Jazz numbers using your free minutes are completely free. Charges apply only when minutes are exhausted.
  • Low per minute charges – Once free minutes are utilized, any additional calls are charged at very low per minute rates.

So in summary, use your free minutes to make calls to any local number especially Jazz numbers to get the most value.

How to Get More Jazz Cash Free Minutes?

If you are running low on free minutes, there are a couple of ways to get more free minutes in your Jazz Cash account:

  • Mobile top-up – Whenever you recharge your main Jazz mobile balance, you will automatically get free minutes added based on the top-up amount.
  • Direct purchase – You can separately purchase free minute bundles from your Jazz Cash account menu by going to ‘Free Minutes’ and selecting your desired bundle.
  • Refer friends – Referring your friends to open a Jazz Cash account can give you up to 100 free minutes for each successful referral.
  • Limited time promotions – Jazz Cash occasionally runs promotions where you can get extra free minutes for certain activities.

So keep topping up your main account, purchasing bundles, referring friends and taking advantage of promotions to keep your free minute balance healthy.

Important Tips to Manage Jazz Cash Free Minutes

Here are some useful tips to better manage your Jazz Cash free minutes:

  • Monitor your balance regularly to avoid unexpected out of bundle charges.
  • Use free minutes for longer calls and main balance for shorter calls.
  • Call Jazz numbers as much as possible to maximize free minutes.
  • Set SMS or app alerts for low balance reminders.
  • Take advantage of free minute bundles on main account recharges.
  • Do not let free minutes expire; use them before validity.
  • Refer friends and avail promotions to get extra free minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Jazz Cash free minutes:

How many free minutes do I get on Jazz Cash signup?

You get 50 free minutes on signing up for a new Jazz Cash account. The minutes are activated within 48 hours.

What is the validity of Jazz Cash free minutes?

The free minutes added to your Jazz Cash account are generally valid for 30 days. You have to use them within 30 days or else they will expire.

Can I transfer Jazz Cash free minutes to another number?

No, the free minutes are tied to your registered Jazz Cash account and mobile number. You cannot transfer them to a different number.

Do free minutes work for calling international or other networks?

The free minutes are only for calling local mobile numbers within Pakistan on any network. They cannot be used to call landline or international numbers.

How much are the charges if I exhaust my free minutes?

Once your free minutes are finished, any additional calls are charged at Rs. 0.5 per 30 seconds. Charges apply to all networks.


I hope this detailed guide was helpful in teaching you how to easily check your Jazz Cash free minutes balance, utilize them optimally and get more free minutes.

Regularly monitoring and maximizing your free minutes can help you control your mobile spending and get the most out of your Jazz Cash account. Dial the USSD code, use the mobile app or website, and follow the important tips outlined above.

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