How to Change Your Phone Number in EasyPaisa

Changing your phone number in EasyPaisa is a simple process that can be done right from your account. In this article, I will walk you through the step-by-step process to update your phone number with EasyPaisa in just a few minutes.

Why Would You Need to Change Your Phone Number?

Here are some common reasons you may need to change your phone number with EasyPaisa:

  • You got a new mobile and contact number
  • You switched mobile carriers and got a new number
  • You want to use a different phone number for EasyPaisa security reasons

Changing your number ensures that your EasyPaisa account stays linked to your current active mobile number for seamless access and transaction security.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Phone Number in EasyPaisa

Follow these simple steps to change your registered mobile number with EasyPaisa:

Login to Your EasyPaisa Account

  • Launch the EasyPaisa mobile app on your phone
  • Enter your existing EasyPaisa mobile number and OTP to login

Make sure you have the latest version of the EasyPaisa app installed for a smooth experience.

Go to Profile Settings

  • Once logged in, tap on the profile icon on the bottom right
  • Next, tap on the Settings (gear) icon on top right corner
  • This will open your EasyPaisa account settings

Tap on Update Phone Number

  • Under the Personal Information section, tap on Update Phone Number
  • This will open the phone number update page

Enter New Phone Number

  • On the update phone number page, enter your new mobile number
  • Make sure to enter the complete phone number including country and area code
  • Example: For Pakistan enter +92-300-1234567
  • Tap on Continue when you have entered the new number correctly

Verify OTP and Confirm Update

  • EasyPaisa will send an OTP to both your old and new mobile numbers
  • Enter the OTP received on your new number to verify it
  • Once verified, confirm the update to complete changing your phone number

That’s it! Your new mobile number is now updated with EasyPaisa for all transactions and services.

How Long Does it Take to Update Phone Number?

The phone number update process takes just a few minutes from start to end. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Entering new number: 1 minute
  • OTP verification: 2-3 minutes
  • Confirm update: 1 minute

So in just about 5 minutes you can change and verify your new phone number with EasyPaisa using the steps outlined above. It’s a quick and convenient process.

Does Updating Number Change My EasyID?

Your EasyID remains unaffected when you change your phone number on EasyPaisa. It is tied to your CNIC and account rather than your phone number.

So your EasyID, wallet, and account balance will stay the same after updating your linked mobile number. Only the registered mobile number changes.

Can I Still Use Old Number After Update?

Once you update your phone number, the old number gets removed from your EasyPaisa account. Any OTPs or notifications will be sent to your new registered number going forward.

However, you can still use your old number for normal calls, texts, and other purposes on that SIM card if you choose. But it will no longer be linked or have access to your EasyPaisa account.

EasyPaisa Services After Changing Number

After changing your phone number, you can continue using all EasyPaisa services as before including:

  • Mobile top-ups and bundles
  • Utility bill payments
  • Money transfers
  • Merchant payments
  • MobiCash withdrawals
  • Ticket booking
  • Balance check

Your account works the same as before, just with your updated registered mobile number.

Important Security Tips

When changing your EasyPaisa mobile number, keep these security tips in mind:

  • Never share your OTP with anyone, enter it directly into the app
  • Use a strong password and enable 2-factor authentication
  • Keep app updated to the latest version for security patches
  • Check account activity regularly for unauthorized transactions

Get Support if Needed

If you face any issues while updating your number or using EasyPaisa afterwards, you can get quick support through:

  • Calling the helpline at 021-111-247-247
  • Visiting your nearest franchise location
  • Messaging on WhatsApp at 0303-000-247-247
  • Emailing support at


Changing your phone number on EasyPaisa is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few minutes right from your account. Just login, go to profile settings, enter new number, verify OTP, and confirm to update it. This ensures your account remains secure and connected to your latest mobile number for seamless usage.

Follow the step-by-step guide outlined above to change your number, and enjoy continued convenient access to EasyPaisa’s digital financial services.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is there any fee to change my phone number on EasyPaisa?

No, EasyPaisa does not charge any fee to update your registered mobile number. It’s free.

 Can I update my number multiple times?

Yes, you can change your linked mobile number as many times as needed following the same update process.

 Will my old mobile number stop working if I change it on EasyPaisa?

Your old number will stop working only for EasyPaisa services after an update. You can still use it for normal calls, texts, etc. if it’s still active on your SIM.

 How do I recover my account if I lose access to my new registered number?

You can visit the nearest franchise with your CNIC to regain access after identity verification. Or recover via email and OTP process.

Can I update my number if my SIM is lost or stolen?

Yes, you can still update your number if SIM is lost by using the email recovery process to gain temporary account access.

 Will my EasyPaisa PIN remain the same after changing my number?

Yes, your 4-digit transaction PIN will stay the same even after you update your linked mobile number.

Can I change my number to one from a different mobile network?

Absolutely! You can update to a number from any cellular network operator in Pakistan on EasyPaisa.

 Will updating my number affect any scheduled payments?

No, any scheduled or recurring payments you have set up will continue as normal after you change your number.

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