How to Change Timestamp on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps, used by billions of people worldwide. It allows users to communicate with friends and family through text, voice, video calls and more.

One useful but lesser known feature in Facebook Messenger is the ability to change the timestamp of your messages. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to change the timestamp on Facebook Messenger in a few easy steps.

Why Would You Want to Change the Timestamp?

Here are some common reasons why someone may want to edit the timestamp on their Facebook messages:

To Fix Mistimed Messages

Sometimes messages can be sent or received at odd times due to technical glitches. Changing the timestamp allows you to fix the timing so the conversation makes better sense.

To Preserve Privacy

If a sensitive conversation took place, you may want to change the timestamp so that others who briefly look at your phone won’t see any evidence of that chat.

As a Prank

Changing the timestamp can also be done as a harmless prank to confuse your friends about when a conversation took place.

So in summary, having the ability to modify timestamps can be useful for convenience, privacy or just for fun!

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Facebook Messenger Timestamp

Ready to learn how to modify the timestamp on your Facebook messages? Follow these simple steps:

Open the Messenger App

You must access Messenger from your mobile app – this feature is not available on the desktop site.

Locate the Message

Go into your Messenger account and locate the specific message thread and message for which you want to alter the timestamp.

Tap to open up the message thread.

Long Press the Message

Once you have the message thread open, press and hold your finger on the message whose timestamp you want to modify.

After about 2 seconds of holding, you’ll notice a menu pop up with different options.

Select “Edit Timestamp”

While still holding your finger pressed on the message, use your other hand to tap the “Edit Timestamp” option from the menu.

Edit the Time

A time selector wheel will now open up, allowing you to change the hours, minutes and AM/PM designation of the message.

Spin the wheel and select the new time you want to use for the timestamp.

Confirm the New Time

Once done, tap “Done” to confirm the new timestamp.

The message time will now be updated to whatever you selected! The process is complete.

And that’s all there is to it! With just a few taps you can modify the message timestamp in Facebook Messenger to any time you want.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

When changing the timestamp on your Facebook messages, keep these important tips in mind:

  • You can only modify the timestamp through the mobile app, not on desktop.
  • Editing the timestamp does not change the actual sent time on Facebook’s servers. It only changes how it displays to you and the recipient.
  • You can only change the timestamp on your own outgoing messages, not incoming messages from other people.
  • There is no limit to how many times you can edit a timestamp, so feel free to tweak it until you get the desired time.
  • The edited time will sync across devices, so it will show the updated timestamp on both your phone and desktop.
  • Use this feature ethically! Don’t try to radically alter a conversation timeline or misrepresent yourself.

So in summary, use timestamp editing responsibly to enhance convenience and privacy. Avoid misusing it.

Why Facebook Added This Timestamp Editing Feature

Facebook implemented this timestamp editing capability as a way to provide more user control and flexibility.

Here are some likely reasons why Facebook decided to give users the ability to modify message timestamps:

  • To fix annoying errors – Glitchy timestamps can be confusing and change context. Letting users fix it improves the experience.
  • User-friendly privacy – The optional privacy boost is a user-friendly alternative to more complex encryption.

  • Empowers users – Editing timestamps puts control firmly in users’ hands, rather than locking them into time data.
  • Promotes engagement – Novel features like this attract interest, keeping users active on Facebook platforms.

So in summary, timestamp editing functionality allows users to improve their messaging experience, while also promoting continued engagement with Facebook’s apps. It empowers people without severely hurting Facebook’s business interests.

Limitations of Facebook’s Timestamp Editor

While being able to modify timestamps is useful, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Only works on mobile – Cannot edit timestamps on the Facebook Messenger website.
  • Limited editing options – You can only change the hours and minutes. No ability to tweak the date or year.
  • Doesn’t modify metadata – The actual underlying message send time in Facebook’s database remains unchanged.
  • Can cause confusion – If overused, editing timestamps too much may confuse or mislead message recipients.
  • Potential for misuse – Users could theoretically try to use edited timestamps to misrepresent certain conversations or events.

Overall the timestamp editor provides helpful utility within reason, but users should be aware it has restrictions. Use the feature wisely and with discretion.

Troubleshooting Facebook Messenger Timestamp Issues

In some cases, you may encounter issues trying to modify message timestamps on Messenger:

  • Can’t long press message – If the long press doesn’t bring up the menu, close and restart the Messenger app.
  • Option missing – The timestamp edit option sometimes randomly disappears. Try again later.
  • Edited time resets – Occasionally the adjusted time will revert back to original. Just edit it again.
  • App crashing – The Messenger app may crash if you edit too many timestamps too quickly. Reopen the app and pace yourself.
  • Other bugs – Like any app, Messenger has its fair share of quirks. Patience and trying again later often helps.

So try not to get frustrated if you run into quirks with the Messenger timestamp editor. The feature is still in its early stages and bugs are to be expected.

How This Compares to Deleting Messages on Messenger

In addition to editing timestamps, Facebook Messenger also gives users the ability to delete messages. But there are some key differences:

  • Timestamp editing is reversible – You can tweak a timestamp repeatedly. But when you delete a Messenger message, it’s gone for good.
  • Deletes remove message content – Timestamp edits preserve the message content. Deletes erase what was said.
  • Deletes notify recipients – When you delete a Messenger message, your recipient will see that a message was removed. Timestamp edits are seamless.
  • Timestamp edits are unlimited – You can only delete messages up to 10 minutes old. But timestamp edits work on any message.

So in summary, think of timestamp editing as a reversible way to privately enhance conversations. Message deletes are for permanently erasing regrettable messages.

Third-Party Apps That Can Also Change Timestamps

Beyond the built-in Messenger tools, there are also a few third-party apps that offer timestamp editing capabilities:

  • Time Machine for Messenger – Android app that lets you adjust Facebook message timestamps.
  • Threads for Instagram – iOS app with timestamp editing for Instagram DMs.
  • SKT Message Editor – Android app for modifying WhatsApp and Messenger timestamps.

However, the official Messenger tools tend to work better than third-party options. Third-party timestamp editors often have limitations, glitches and privacy concerns. Use them at your own risk.

The Future Possibilities of Message Timestamp Editing

Looking ahead, this kind of timestamp editing functionality may become a commonplace feature across many messaging apps:

  • WhatsApp – Future versions of WhatsApp could add native timestamp editing tools.
  • iMessage – Apple could implement similar timestamp tweaking abilities for iMessage.
  • Snapchat – Snapchat may allow users to make edits to timestamp data.
  • Telegram – Telegram’s “self-destructing” messages hint at broader timestamp controls.

So in summary, the messaging landscape is evolving quickly. As users demand more timestamp flexibility, most apps will respond with editing features to keep up with Facebook Messenger.


We’ve covered a lot of ground explaining how to change the timestamp on Facebook Messenger. To recap:

  • Select the “Edit Timestamp” menu option
  • Choose your desired new time from the selector wheel
  • Tap “Done” to confirm the edited time

Use this capability responsibly to enhance your Messenger experience. And expect more messaging apps to add timestamp editing in the future as users require greater timestamp flexibility.

Hopefully this guide has helped demystify the process of modifying message timestamps in Facebook Messenger!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some common questions about changing Facebook Messenger timestamps:

Can I change the timestamp on iPhone?

Yes, the ability to edit Facebook Messenger timestamps works on both iPhone and Android devices. Just long press a message and select the timestamp option.

Do both parties see the new edited time?

Yes, when you change the timestamp, it will sync the new time across to all participants in the conversation on their devices.

Is timestamp editing available on desktop?

Unfortunately no – the timestamp editing feature is only available in the Facebook Messenger mobile app, not the web/desktop version.

Do my Facebook friends see that I edited the time?

No, the timestamp change is seamless. Recipients simply see the new time you selected without any indication it was edited.

Can I change the date too or just the time?

The timestamp editor only allows changing the hours and minutes. You cannot alter the full date or year – only the time.

Can I edit timestamps on an old Messenger conversation?

Yes, you can modify the timestamps for both old and new conversations on Messenger with no limitations.

Will editing the time also change the order of messages?

No, editing the timestamp won’t reorder when messages appear in the conversation thread. Only the displayed time is changed.

Is there a limit to how many timestamps I can edit in Messenger?

There is no limit imposed. You can edit the timestamps of as many messages as you want to your heart’s content.

Can someone else edit the timestamps of messages they sent me?

No, only the original sender of a message has the ability to edit its timestamp. Recipients cannot modify timestamps.

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