How to Buy UC from Easypaisa

Buying UC or Unknown Cash on PUBG Mobile has become extremely popular in recent years. With the rise of mobile gaming, more and more gamers are looking to purchase UC to get additional features and cosmetic items in PUBG Mobile.

If you are looking to buy UC in Pakistan, one of the most convenient methods is through Easypaisa. In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of purchasing UC from Easypaisa in 2023.

What is Unknown Cash (UC)?

UC or Unknown Cash is the premium in-game currency used in PUBG Mobile. It allows you to purchase various cosmetic upgrades like outfits, weapon skins, crates and more. Having UC gives you access to exclusive items that can only be bought with UC. It also allows you to open classic crates without waiting for the free crate coupons.

Why Should You Buy UC?

Here are some of the key benefits of buying UC in PUBG Mobile:

  • Exclusive In-Game Items – UC allows you to purchase exclusive costumes, weapon finishes, vehicle skins and more that can only be acquired with UC. This gives you a cooler look and aesthetic in the game.
  • Direct Crate Purchases – You can directly buy classic crates and premium crates without having to collect coupons. This allows you to unlock rewards faster.
  • Royale Pass Benefits – You can buy the Elite Royale Pass or complete Royale Pass missions to earn UC rewards. The Elite Pass gives you access to additional RP rewards.
  • Time Savings – Instead of waiting to collect free coupons, UC allows you to instantly open crates and unlock rewards as you want.

How to Buy UC from Easypaisa

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to purchase UC from Easypaisa securely in just a few minutes:

Install the Easypaisa App

If you don’t already have it, download and install the latest version of the Easypaisa app on your Android or iOS device. You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app is free to download.

Create an Easypaisa Account

Open the Easypaisa app and tap on “Create New Account”. You will need to enter your mobile phone number to receive an OTP. Type in the OTP code and create a 4-digit MPIN. This MPIN will be used for future transactions.

Activate Debit Card or Mobile Account

You need to activate either your Easypaisa mobile account or debit card for payments.

To activate your mobile account, simply enter your personal details like name and CNIC.

To activate a debit card, you will need to enter your full card details and confirm it with an OTP. Activating a card is recommended for faster payments.

Add Funds to Easypaisa Account

Before you can buy UC, you need to have sufficient balance in your Easypaisa mobile account or debit card. You can add funds via different methods:

  • Mobile Balance – Directly transfer mobile balance from your phone
  • Debit card – Use saved debit card to add funds
  • Over-the-Counter – Visit nearest OTC, give phone number and deposit cash

Ensure you have enough funds for the UC purchase. Keep in mind you may also need some extra funds for the transaction fee.

Find PUBG UC Deal

Open PUBG Mobile app and tap on ‘Shop’ icon on the bottom. Here you will see various UC packages available e.g. 60 UC for Rs. 75. Select your preferred UC package deal.

Choose Payment Method

Go to the payment method and select ‘Easypaisa’ from the available options. This will open the Easypaisa app for completing the payment.

Confirm Order Details

Carefully review the order details like UC package, price etc. Make sure they are correct.

Enter MPIN to Pay

Enter your 4-digit Easypaisa MPIN to confirm and complete the UC purchase payment.

Payment Successful

Once the payment goes through successfully, you will see a payment completed message. The purchased UC will be automatically added to your PUBG Mobile account.

And that’s it! By following these simple steps, you can easily buy PUBG Mobile UC using Easypaisa in Pakistan. It is a quick and secure payment method for UC top-up.

Tips for Buying UC from Easypaisa

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when purchasing UC with Easypaisa:

  • Only buy UC from the in-game shop to get the best deals. Avoid unknown third-party sellers.
  • Keep your Easypaisa MPIN confidential for security reasons. Never share it with others.
  • Try to maintain sufficient balance in your Easypaisa account before purchasing UC.
  • Disable automatic UC renewals if you only want a one-time purchase.
  • Purchase bigger UC bundles to get more value. Larger packs have lower per UC rate.
  • Note down Order ID after every purchase in case you need to contact customer support.

Is Buying UC from Easypaisa Safe?

Yes, buying PUBG Mobile UC through Easypaisa is completely safe and secure. Here are some key points:

  • Official Payment Partner – Easypaisa is an officially authorized payment provider for PUBG Mobile.
  • ** HTTPS Encryption** – All transactions on Easypaisa are protected by secure encryption protocols.
  • No Third-Party Access – Your Easypaisa account details are not accessible to any unauthorized third-party.
  • Payment Confirmation – You receive an official payment confirmation from Easypaisa on successful transactions.

As long as you use the legitimate version of the apps and don’t share personal details, purchasing UC via Easypaisa is very safe with minimal risk. Millions of people in Pakistan use it on a daily basis.

Is Buying UC Legal in Pakistan?

Yes, there is no law in Pakistan that prohibits buying in-game currencies or items. Purchasing UC and other in-game content for games like PUBG Mobile is completely legal.

Many reputable third-party payment platforms like Easypaisa facilitate the transaction while complying with regulations. As long as you are paying legally via authorized gateways, you face no legal concerns.

However, some parents may oppose excessive gaming spending by minors. So make responsible decisions if you are a young player.


I hope this detailed guide helped you learn how to buy PUBG Mobile UC conveniently using Easypaisa in Pakistan. To recap, simply install the apps, add funds, select UC package, choose Easypaisa payment, enter MPIN and that’s it.

With its ease of use, instant top-up and secure encryption, Easypaisa is a great payment platform for UC purchases. Just be sure to only buy from authorized sellers and keep account details confidential for a safe experience. Enjoy your new UC and cosmetic upgrades in PUBG Mobile!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any transaction fee for buying UC via Easypaisa?

Yes, Easypaisa charges a small transaction fee when you purchase UC using their app. The fee amount may vary for different UC packages but is usually between Rs. 2-10 per transaction.

What if I don’t receive UC after paying through Easypaisa?

In case you face any issue in receiving UC, first contact PUBG Mobile customer support from within the game. If it is confirmed to be a payment issue, you can contact Easypaisa support for resolution using your order details.

Can I buy UC for a friend as a gift using Easypaisa?

Unfortunately, there is no gift option available when you purchase UC from Easypaisa. The UC is directly credited to the account logged into PUBG Mobile. You can only gift UC bundles and vouchers available within the game.

Is there any daily limit for purchasing UC from Easypaisa?

Easypaisa does not impose any daily purchase limit for UC specifically. However, there are general daily transaction limits based on your account level. These can range from Rs. 25,000 for Level 1 to Rs. 200,000 for Level 4 accounts.

What happens if I accidentally purchase the wrong UC package?

Don’t worry. If you purchased the incorrect UC amount by mistake, you can contact PUBG Mobile customer support and request a refund. Do not re-purchase the correct UC before getting a refund approval to avoid losing money.

Can I use Easypaisa outside Pakistan to buy PUBG UC?

No, Easypaisa payments only work for accounts registered in Pakistan. If you are trying to buy UC from outside Pakistan, Easypaisa payment option will not be available in PUBG Mobile. You will need to use other region-specific payment methods.

Is Easypaisa safe to use on rooted or jailbroken devices?

It is not recommended to use any financial apps or services on rooted/jailbroken devices as they have higher security risks. For optimal security, only use the standard versions of Easypaisa and PUBG Mobile apps on non-rooted smartphones.

Can I transfer UC purchased from Easypaisa to another account?

No, the UC purchased via Easypaisa is non-transferable. It will only be credited to the PUBG Mobile account that initiated the payment. UC can neither be shared with others nor transferred across accounts

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