How to Buy Kites Online in Pakistan

Are you looking to buy kites online in Pakistan? With the rise of e-commerce, buying kites online has become easier and more convenient.


In this article, I will guide you through the process of buying kites online in Pakistan step-by-step.

Why Buy Kites Online?

Purchasing kites online has many benefits over buying them in traditional brick and mortar stores:

  • Convenience – you can shop for kites anytime, anywhere using your smartphone or computer without having to visit multiple stores physically. This saves time and effort.
  • Price – Online stores often have better deals and discounts compared to physical stores. You can easily compare prices across multiple e-commerce sites.
  • Variety – Online stores have a wider range of kite designs, types and sizes. You can find unique and trendy kites not available in local shops.
  • Safe delivery – Reputable online stores will safely pack and ship the kites to your doorstep.

So if you want a convenient, cost-effective and expansive selection of kites, shopping online is the way to go.

How to Select the Best Online Store

With so many e-commerce sites selling kites in Pakistan, how do you pick the best one? Here are important factors to consider:

  • Reputation – Choose an established e-commerce site with good customer reviews and ratings. This indicates they sell quality products and have satisfactory service.
  • Product range – Go for an online store with a wide variety of kites in different designs, colors, shapes and sizes.
  • Prices – Compare prices across sites to find one offering the best deals. Avoid stores with exaggerated discounts or unusually low prices – the quality may be compromised.
  • Payment options – Select a site with multiple secure payment methods like credit card, debit card, PayPal, COD etc. This offers you flexibility and convenience.

  • Return policy – Check if the site has a return or exchange policy in case you get a defective or damaged product. This guarantees your purchase is risk-free.
  • Delivery policy – Opt for sites providing fast and reliable delivery to your location. This ensures timely receipt of your ordered kites.

By evaluating these key factors, you can zero in on the most reliable online store with the best kite shopping experience.

How to Select the Type of Kite to Buy

Pakistan has a rich tradition of kite flying spanning centuries. Different types of kites are flown in the country based on shape, size and purpose. Here are the main categories to choose from:

Fighter Kites

These are small, lightweight single-line kites designed for kite fighting competitions. They have little or no tail and are extremely maneuverable. Materials like bamboo and paper are used so they can cut adversary kites. Popular fighter kite types:

  • Pechan – Traditional fighter kites made with simple materials.
  • Baz – Modern fighter kites made from rip-stop nylon and fiberglass. Very resilient.

Display Kites

These larger multi-lined kites are not used for fighting. They are made with colorful designs and figures for recreational flying. Popular display kite varieties:

  • Patang – Traditional hexagonal or diamond shaped kites with long tails.
  • Eddy – Rectangular box-shaped kites adept at flying in low winds.
  • Dragon – Intricately designed kite resembling a Dragon.

Other Specialty Kites

  • Delta – Triangular shaped display kites good for beginners.
  • Parafoil – Canopy style inflatable kites able to carry lines and handles.
  • Rokkaku – Hexagonal kites from Japan flying without a tail.

Choose the type that best matches your purpose – fighting, recreation or aesthetics. Your skill level also matters for maneuvering different kinds of kites.

How to Choose the Right Kite Size

Kite sizes are measured by length or width. Smaller kites are more agile while bigger ones are more visible and float well. Here are the factors to consider for size selection:

  • Wind speed – In high winds, fly smaller kites which won’t get out of control. For low winds, bigger sizes provide better lift.
  • Skill level – Beginners should start with medium or large kites which are easier to launch and maneuver.
  • Purpose – Fighters are 20 to 100 cm for speed. Displays range from 1 to 3.5 meters for better visibility.
  • Portability – If traveling with the kite, smaller and packable ones are easier to carry.
  • Location – Open areas allow flying of large show kites. Smaller kites work better in congested neighborhoods.

Also check the kite’s recommended size range. This ensures an optimal flying experience.

How to Select Kite Accessories

Kites perform best when used with compatible accessories:

  • String/manja – Choose the right string type and thickness. Cotton or synthetic strings are common.
  • Winder – Used to control and reel-in the kite string while flying and storing. Sturdy plastic or wooden winders work well.
  • Handles – Handles with finger straps allow better grip and control of the string reel or control lines.
  • Reels – Hold extra string or control lines. Make sure to buy reels suited to your kite size.
  • Storage bags – Durable bags protect kites from damage when not in use. Pick size as per your kites.

For beginners, starter packs with pre-bundled accessories are a convenient option. They contain all that’s needed for basic kite flying.

How to Order Your Chosen Kite Online

Once you’ve picked the right store, kite varieties and accessories, it’s time to place your order:

Add to Cart

Browse the kite collection and click “Add to cart” for the ones you want. You can add multiple kites and accessories in one order.


For first-time customers, create an account by providing your email and choosing a password. Returning customers can login directly.

Select Delivery Address

Enter the full address where you want your kites delivered. Double check it is correct.

Choose Payment Method

Select your preferred payment mode – credit card, debit card, PayPal, cash on delivery etc. Enter the required payment details.

Place Order

Review entire order summary including items, quantities, pricing and delivery address.  For order click on “Confirm Order”.

You will receive an order confirmation email/SMS with details. Ordered kites are packed and shipped out promptly for timely delivery.

How to Begin Kite Flying as a Hobby

Once your kite arrives, here are some tips to start kite flying safely as a leisure activity:

  • Find an open, spacious location free from trees, buildings and electrical wires.
  • Start flying in moderate winds between 12 to 20 km/hr which provide good lift for beginners.
  • Unfurl the kite horizontally on the ground and position it to face the wind.
  • Let out sufficient string as you launch the kite straight into the wind. Tug on the line and walk backwards.
  • Use the control line or winder to adjust height and direction. Keep some tension.
  • Practice launching and landing your single line kite to get comfortable with its handling.
  • For dual/multi line kites, get help from an experienced flier for flying and steering.
  • Always watch out for strong winds that can carry your kite away or damage it.
  • Avoid flying kites near highways, railways and airfields for safety.

Follow these tips and you will be on your way to enjoying hours of carefree recreation with your new kites!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about buying and flying kites online in Pakistan:

What are the best online stores to buy kites in Pakistan?

Some reputable e-commerce sites to buy kites online are,,, and Do compare prices across sites.

What kite flying months are best in Pakistan?

The kite flying season is from March to August when winds are more favorable. Basant festival in early Spring is peak kite flying time.

How do I select the right kite string?

Cotton string is good for small fighters. Synthetic like nylon is used for larger kites needing durability. Check recommended string thickness for your kite type.

Can I return a kite if it gets damaged in delivery?

Most sites allow returns or replacements within 7 days if a kite arrives defective, torn or broken. Contact customer support right away.

How do I improve my kite flying skills as a beginner?

Start with a single line delta or parafoil kite which are easy to control. Practice launching in open areas. Seek help from experienced fliers in your area.

Are kites safe to fly during rainy or stormy weather?

Avoid flying kites in wet weather or thunderstorms when winds are erratic and kites can get stuck in trees or powerlines.

Can I fly kites at night?

Night kite flying is possible but challenging due to poor visibility. Some kites are designed with LED lights for visibility. Take precautions near roads or obstructions.

What precautions should children take while flying kites?

Adult supervision is must. Use cotton string to avoid line cuts. Avoid sites close to traffic or power lines. Teach them kite safety.


I hope this detailed guide provides you a comprehensive overview of how to buy the best kites online in Pakistan and start enjoying them as a recreational activity. With online shopping making kite purchase convenient, and a bit of practice, you’ll be able to master the skill of kite flying and have hours of excitement. Fly safely and have fun!

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